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C-Dent - Zircon crowns and zircon bridges

Benefits of zirconium:

Zirconium oxide is the most break- and fracture-resistant material out of the available dental ceramics today.

· The greatest aesthetic impact

· Metal-free, it is recommended for allergic people

· Wide choice of colors

· Long lifespan, durable

· It does not get discolored by external materials

Zirconium oxide is the only high-performance material that is usable for metal-free bridges, thanks to its strength properties. As well as its strength, zirconium oxide is white and, above all, proven to be biocompatible and harmless.

Zirconium oxide is a high-performance ceramic material that was successfully introduced in orthopedics in the 70's for rod ends. In dentistry, it is used for almost every kind of restoration.

Zircon crowns
Zirconium oxide crowns

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