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C-Dent - Root Canal Treatment

Why do you need a root canal treatment?

An infection in the pulp in the inner tooth tissue can be caused by several things

· Caries

· Periodontal disease

· Accidents where the tooth gets injured

· Trauma, etc.

If the inflammation is not treated, it can spread to the neighboring tissue and destroy it. The infection could then lead to an abscess.

Root canal treatment

What happens if the tooth has not had a root canal treatment?

If the inflammation is still there, general diseases can spread. The condition of your teeth has an effect on your entire body.

Our goal is obviously to preserve more teeth. If the inflammation on the pulp is irreversible (cannot heal anymore), the only thing the doctor can do is remove the tooth.

What must I do after a root canal treatment?

The teeth that have undergone root canal treatment are the same as the other healthy teeth. However, to avoid problems in the future, it is recommended to put in a crown to combat the risk of breakage.

You should clean these teeth just as you would the natural teeth. Go to your dentist’s regularly for check-ups.

Root canal treatment is a treatment in which the unhealthy, inflamed tissue is removed from inside the tooth. This is also called endodontics.

In most cases, the patient should visit the dentist two or three times until the root canal treatment is over.

During the first appointment, the inflamed pulp is removed and a temporary filling is inserted. The tooth then needs time to recover. The tooth can be permanently filled during the next appointments.

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