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C-Dent - Partial Dentures

Partial dentures

Partial dentures are recommended for cases of periodontitis where the teeth are loose and can lead to more tooth loss in a few years.

Attachments: the dentist and dental technician makes attachments or anchors on, in or by crowned teeth. The dentures are anchored to the rest of the teeth (with small clamps). A small, precision link is used in attachments to keep the dentures firmly on the rest of the teeth while still being easily removable.


Dentures that are attached to the rest of the teeth by telescopic crowns are an elegant and high-quality solution. The telescope is made out of a small metal cap that is cemented to the tooth stump. A second small metal cap that the telescope fits in - like a thimble - is made. Telescopes are particularly well-suited to patients with damaged gums and jaws. They last a long time with good care and regulars check-ups with the dentist. Telescopes can be extended if more teeth are lost.

Partial Denture

How should I treat my partial denture?

It must always be removed from the mouth when cleaning. It cleans well under running water with a toothbrush. Toothpaste is not recommended, because it can roughen the polished surface. You need to use a cleaning solution at different intervals.

Living with a "third set of teeth"

You need to get used to the new teeth. This can take a few days, even for perfectly-fitted dentures. If you have still not gotten used to the dentures after a few weeks, the dentist will readjust it.

You need to wear your dentures all day and leave it in water at night so the oral mucosa can recover. Pressure marks are difficult at the beginning. The denture will be reworked by the dentist. Practice talking with your new dentures, learn to eat with them by taking small bites of soft foods to begin with. Chew on both sides. Always clean the dentures well with soap and brushes, effervescent tablets. Be careful to not break the dentures. Always put the removable dentures on carefully with both hands.

Partial Denture

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