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C-Dent - Patient Testimonials

Below you will find some of our patient testimonials left by genuine patients who underwent treatment at our clinic. These are genuine testimonials from some of our English speaking patients who agreed to have their feedback published on this site.

Patient Testimonial

I was in Sopron for 5 days and Dr. Gruming and his team were extremely competent and accommodating given my limited time there. I particularly appreciated the thorough consultation process in which Dr. Gruming explained to me in great detail the pros and cons of titanium vs. zirconia implants. Dr. Gruming was very patient in explaining all my options and this made me feel at ease almost immediately. The actual treatment (4 titanium implants + abutments and ceramic crowns) was performed smoothly and successfully. Despite having to travel for more than 10 hours from the US to Hungary my overall experience was very pleasant and I saved a substantial amount of money in the process too :). C-Dent is truly a state of the art clinic with caring doctors and a very helpful staff in general. I would highly recommend them to anyone seeking professional dental care at super low prices!

Anthony M.

- from Boston/MA

Patient Testimonial

I decided to give C-Dent a try after a recommendation from a popular dental tourism website and after having read all the positive reviews I decided it was the best and most affordable clinic for my needs (I required 3 implants, bone augmentation and sinus lift in my upper jaw). The clinic itself is great and conveniently located in Sopron pretty close to the Austrian border and the facilities of the free apartments are very good. My dentist Dr. Gruming was extremely caring and attentive and they staff were super friendly as well. I feel like I received excellent value there considering that my final invoice was 60 % less than what I was quoted by my local dentist in Baltimore. The clinic stayed in touch with me even after I returned home but everything healed up nicely. The whole experience was great and I even got to enjoy Europe for a couple of days!

Caroline R.

- from Baltimore/MD

Patient Testimonial

I underwent my first gum graft surgery at C-Dent clinic in October 2016. At first I was extremely worried and anxious about the surgery itself, and then about the results. I visited a few other periodontists in my neighborhood but the most comprehensive and accurate treatment plan was provided to me by Dr. Posa who even spoke to me on the phone for about 30 minutes prior to traveling to Hungary. Everything went smoothly and it was the easiest dental surgery I had done on me so far despite having had several dental troubles in the past (I once had a wisdom tooth pulled by my local dentist and the wound didn't heal properly and got infected). At C-Dent however the surgery, follow-up and results have all been excellent and during my stay in Sopron I was able to make new friends and explore Vienna. I'll be coming back for 2 ceramic crowns next year and this time I'm bringing my wife with me!

David S.

- from Leeds/UK

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