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Benefits of Dental Veneers

Veneers can gift you a confident and durable smile. Dental veneers are thin layers made of porcelain or composite which cover the visible surfaces of your tooth. You have the liberty to choose from shades that you want.

Here are six distinct benefits of dental veneers:

1. Veneers align your teeth

If you have misaligned/ crooked teeth, veneers can give you the right alignment.

2.Veneers shape your teeth

Sometimes your teeth may chip off when you bite non-edible things. Veneers can shape your teeth back. They are also useful in minor fractures. In case you have some mis-shaped teeth, veneers can match your teeth with the other teeth as well.

3. Whiten your teeth

Smoking, excess coffee, and tea can stain your teeth. Veneers can give you your dream smile.

4. Make you look young

With ageing, your teeth may wear out. Veneers can make you look young by bringing back the original shape of your teeth.

5. Correct abnormal spaces in between your teeth

Normally there are no huge spaces between your teeth. In case you have abnormal spaces in between your teeth, veneers can close that space and give you an ideal smile.

6. Save your tooth

Veneers are most suitable for minor corrections in the shape, size, and shade of your tooth. Dental crowns are another option. However, a dental crown seats over your entire tooth unlike veneers which cover only the visible surface of your tooth. For seating your dental crown firmly in place, your dentist needs to trim at least 1 to 2 mm of your whole tooth. For veneers, your dentist needs to trim only a little of the visible surface of your tooth. With veneers you can save more of your natural tooth.

How long do dental veneers last?

Veneers last for at least 10 to 15 years if you maintain them well.

Here are three tips to ensure your veneers last longer:

· Avoid biting hard foods and inedible things with your veneers.

· Avoid over exposure to coffee, wine, and tea as they can stain your veneers.

· If you are in contact sports, remember to wear mouth guards.

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