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C-Dent - Dental Prophylaxis

Did you know that professional dental cleaning entails more than just calculus removal?!

The best dental cleaning results are achieved through a combination of skillful, at-home dental care and our Prophylaxis Practice Program. Both keep your teeth healthy over the long-term.

Professional dental care, removal of calculus

In principle, there is one goal: to completely remove disease-triggering plaque above and below the gums.

Whereas people used to think that visible calculus was the main cause of periodontal disease, we now know that the barely visible, soft plaque poses a much bigger threat to dental health. This plaque, which is covered in bacterial mass, settles in between the teeth. Hundreds of different kinds of bacteria build the soft plaque. If it penetrates the gingival margin, it has a particularly adverse effect on it. Soft plaque loosens the teeth.

Frequent and thorough removal of hard as well as soft plaque above and under the gingival margin is the most important treatment to keep your teeth healthy long-term. In dentistry, it is summarized by the term "Professional dental cleaning".

Order of "Professional dental care":

· Preliminary cleaning

· Fine cleaning

· Polishing

· Powder/Water jet cleaning or similar

Regular professional dental care is a cornerstone for keeping your teeth healthy! However, just brushing your teeth thoroughly is not enough. The area between the teeth is also at risk. In this case, you must use dental floss and/or interdental brushes. Professional dental hygiene is also recommended. How often you have this done depends on your oral health and risk factors.

The warning signs:

· Bleeding gums (healthy gums are light pink and do not bleed)

· The gums become dark purple

· The gums have been swollen for a long period of time

· When you push on the gums with your finger, a smelly whitish secretion comes out (advanced stage)

· You perceive unpleasant, bad breath

Many dentists still consider gum problems and periodontal diseases as untreatable, which is simply not true.


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