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C-Dent - Dental implants

Dental Implants

Achieve a higher quality of life through perfect teeth and root replacement.

Implants are artificial dental roots that are useful in many cases and present a conventional treatment with bridges or prostheses. Implants can also stabilize a traditional prosthesis or support a firmly-rooted bridge.

Dental implants have been used in dentistry since 1960. Implants adapt to each patient and there is almost no age limit. They are only limited by the condition of the jaw (upper jaw, lower jaw, length, width, and density of the bone) and the mouth through other illnesses. Everything - teeth, gums - must be fixed before putting in the implants.

The stronger the bone is, the fewer problems will be encountered during the surgery. If the bone in the lower jaw is quite dense, it is a bit easier to place the implant. It is harder to place the implant in the upper jaw, especially in the back.

We will carefully evaluate your personal requirements and depending on your individual needs we will either recommend titanium or zirconia (ceramic) implants . Both have their unique strengths, benefits and limitations which we will gladly discuss with you in a personal consultation.


Bone formation:
Doctors have developed the so-called augmentation for where there are few bones around the implant, which raises and strengthens the bones. Artificial bone replacements are used. The bone establishes a biological connection with the implant.

Sinus Lift:
Sinus lift refers to an operation in the upper jaw. In most cases, implants are inserted into the maxillary sinus, which is very inconvenient from a medical point of view. During the sinus lift, the doctor strengthens these places with bone that is lifted into the sinus cavity. This way, the implants receive more support. The probability that germs on the implant reach the maxillary sinus drops considerably.


Can an implant last a lifetime?

It depends on where the artificial dental roots were installed and if the patient has followed the doctors orders relating to dental hygiene. Some implants last a lifetime but usually at least 10 to 20 years. C-Dent offers a comprehensive five-year warranty on all its implants.

The first three months of healing after the surgery is the riskiest period and you should follow these instructions after the surgery:

· Do not smoke

· Make sure to keep a thorough oral hygiene (rinsing, special brushes)

· Avoid heavy lifting and sport

· Take the antibiotics prescriped by your dentist

· You should not touch the implant with your fingers or tongue

What are the benefits of implants?

Implants are a tooth-friendly way to replace individual teeth because the neighboring teeth remain intact, one does not need to polish them. The healthy substances stay the same.

In certain cases, you can also attach a denture or bridge with the help of artificial dental roots if the traditional dental measures offer a removable prosthesis as the only solution. The inserted teeth are more comfortable, more natural, and easier to clean.

In the case of toothlessness, the entire denture, bridge, or combined prosthesis is made in 4-8 implants depending on the situation. The prostheses, which are made with this technology, allow a stronger bite, give comfort and a sense of security, and your pronunciation stays the same.

It often occurs with durable implants that the patient comes in the morning without any teeth and then leaves our practice in the afternoon with a provisional bridge.

Another benefit worth mentioning is that implants prevent the jawbone from detaching.

Can anyone get a dental implant?

Not every patient and not every jaw is suited to implants. A successful implantation depends on general health, healthy gums, and last but not least, strong enough bones. In any case, the patient should follow the dentist's dental hygiene instructions.

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