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C-Dent - Fillings

Which materials do you use for fillings?

The aim of fillings is to be more aesthetically significant. Most patients do not want to smile with amalgam fillings anymore. The durability and mechanical resistance of the modern, aesthetic materials can compete with amalgam fillings. The modern, tooth-colored filling materials are also the so-called composite, which is mainly made from plastic and inorganic filler material, such as glass particles, synthetic resin and hardeners. You can learn more about the materials that we use in the practice.

White filling

Are there alternatives to tooth fillings?

One alternative is the inlay. Inlays are small, hard parts that are manufactured by an orthodontist based on a model and then inserted into the cavity by the dentist. You do not need to remove any more tooth material than for a regular filling. It is a long-term and aesthetic filling, but we must pay for higher prices.

Ceramic inlay /Porcelain inlay

This is especially suited to middle-sized fillings. The ceramic inlays are a very similar color to real teeth. The dentist sticks the ceramic inlay with plastic in the cavity. That way, you obtain perfect, tight edges.

Cast gold inlay

This material keeps the mastication of the back teeth working and the gums tolerate it very well. It can stay in the mouth for more than 20 years.

What must be taken into consideration to find the right filling?

· Where the tooth that needs to be filled is located.

· The size of the area to be treated

· If you are allergic to certain filling materials

· Last but not least, the financial budget

We talk about fillings when the drilled hole is filled with a paste-like material, mineral cement, different composites, which then hardens.

When caries destroy the regular form and function of a tooth, we can recover it with a filling. In the case of advanced caries, the dentist must drill the unhealthy tooth substance. This clean hole needs a durable and close-fitting filling so you can bite properly again.

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